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Abby Hodgins

Curl Specialist


As a very artistic person, the beauty industry has always intrigued me. When I was growing up, I didn’t enjoy playing with dolls – but I did love styling their hair! I didn’t really even realize my own hair was curly until I got an undercut. I always just treated it like it was straight and brushed all the movement out of it, flat ironed it and used all the wrong products. Of course my hair was frizzy and I never could achieve the straight look I was going for. As my undercut began to grow in, it came in as ringlets and I decided to ditch the idea of it ever being straight and embrace the curls and volume I had naturally! 

I decided to attend cosmetology school because of my interest in makeup and nails but once I got there, I realized how much I had a passion for hair as well. Since I was starting to embrace my own curls, I was looking forward to learning more about them in school. But I was really surprised and disappointed by the lack of education we received on natural textures. When I started exploring career paths, I knew I wanted to specialize in curly hair, but needed to expand my knowledge base. Joining the Ambushed team and completing the Curl Immersion Program provided me the perfect opportunity to supplement my learning with all things natural curls.

I’m excited to share everything I’ve learned and support each client in my chair on their own personal Curl Journey. I live for seeing that end result and the happiness it brings my client. I can’t wait to work with you!

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• Express Dry Cut – $55-65

• Curl Shaping Cut & Style – $65-95

• Makeover Curl Cut & Style– $85-105


• Color- $75+

• Partial Highlight - $90+

 •Full Highlight - $105+


• Wash & Style – $65-85

*prices will increase July 19, 2024

"Abby was great! I learned a lot about working with my curls and using product. I’m glad I went to a curl salon where the cut feels personalized and not just a carbon copy cut that’s done on everyone. Abby was very personable and I enjoyed our conversation. Already have my next appt booked!"

Michelle T.

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