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Ambushed Salon Team

Our team of dedicated Curl Specialists are here to guide and support you along your Curl Journey!


Each Curl Specialist has different pricing depending on experience and skill level.

Visit their bio pages to learn more about them and their pricing!

Ambushed Curl Specialists


Owner, Founder & Curl Specialist


Curl Specialist


Curl Specialist


Curl Specialist


Curl Specialist

Ambushed Interns

We do not have any stylists in our internship at this time. Please keep an eye out here and on our social channels for updates!

Curl Immersion Internship

Anytime a new stylist joins the Ambushed Team, they are required to go through our Curl Immersion Internship led by our Owner and Founder, Amy Bush. As an intern, they learn the unique curl techniques developed by Amy through her 30+ years of experience and education known as The 4 Pillars of ArchiTEXTURE. It is her way of teaching and certifying each stylist with all the skills and knowledge they need to succeed as a Curl Specialist. Knowledge of global textures, cutting techniques, coloring, styling, product usage and communication are just a few of the valuable skills they gain throughout this process. Without it, they would not be able to provide the customized services Ambushed is known for. While they are learning, interns provide services at a discounted rate. This is a great opportunity to support their learning!


Amy Bush

Owner, Founder & Curl Specialist


Sifen Fayisa

Curl Specialist


Ester Montalvo

Curl Specialist

Ambushed Alumni

Just because they’ve moved on doesn’t mean we don’t still love them! These outstanding individuals have exceeded expectations deserving of our full support in their professional endeavors. Ambushed Alumni are previous Ambushed Salon Curl Specialists who have completed our Curl Immersion Internship and have displayed a strong mastery of our methodology: The 4 Pillars of ArchiTEXTURE throughout their years behind the chair at Ambushed Salon. 

Click on the stylist’s photo to learn a bit more about them and find their contact and booking info.


Cydney Simon

Dubin, Ohio


Mary Ailing

Bellevue, Ohio


Jen Deason

Zanesville, Ohio

Join Our Team

Give yourself a career boost

Are you interested in learning how to be fully booked with clients that are your biggest fans? We invite you find out what every stylist at Ambushed Salon has discovered!

Curl Training

Joining the Ambushed Team starts with the Curl Immersion Program: your internship with Amy Bush to learn The 4 Pillars of ArchiTEXTURE, aka, everything you need to know to work with curls. No prior curl experience necessary! You'll start with shadowing and mannequin work, quickly moving to working with your own clients, learning in real time with real life scenarios. 

Employee Benefits

  • Variety of educational opportunities

  • 401k matching

  • Product discount

  • Paid vacation

  • Career planning sessions


  • Commission based

  • Part or full time

  • Choose your schedule 

Culture & Values

We strive to create a positive, inclusive atmosphere where everyone (clients and staff a like) feels seen, heard and understood. We operate as a team and encourage clients to experience each stylists unique take on our philosophies. Expect an emphasis on personal development and both technical and business skills.  

I'm ready to become a Curl Specialist!

64 Granville St. Suite 102
Gahanna, Ohio 43230


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