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Here you can find the answers to our most frequently asked questions.
If you still can't find what you're looking for, we'd be happy to assist you!

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  • Where do I park?
    Free parking is available behind the salon! You’ll see signs dictating parking for Ambushed Salon in the lot behind our building. You are welcome to park in any of those spots. The Creekside area has many other free parking options as well including on-street and a free parking garage just one block from our shop.
  • What curl textures do you work with?
    All of them! We have a very diverse clientele and see all sorts of curls from beachy waves to kinky-curly afros and everything in between! ALL curls are welcome and celebrated.
  • Do you do wet or dry cutting?
    We do both. It completely depends on your curl pattern and what would work best to enhance your curls. Sometimes it’s even a combination of both! Your Curl Specialist will help explain the differences and why one may be better than the other for your specific needs.
  • Do you do the Deva/Ouidad/Rëzo cut?
    Nope! We have our own technique of cutting for curly hair developed through years of education and experience by Amy Bush. Each client’s curls are individually assessed to create a unique shape that works best with your curl pattern. Sometimes this means dry cutting and other times, it’s wet cutting. It could even end up being a combination of both! If you would feel more comfortable having your Curl Specialist cut your hair one way over the other, we are happy to discuss why or why not we would recommend dry or wet.
  • Do you work with Afro-Textured hair?
    Kinky, coils, wavy, we do it all! If you have natural texture, you are in the right place! All curls will be styled in their natural state.
  • What training do you stylists have?
    Every new stylist is required to go through our Curl Immersion Internship Program when they come on board. Lead by owner, Amy Bush, this program allows them to learn all the necessary skills to work with all types of textures. We also teach our techniques to stylists outside the salon through the Ambushed Curl Academy.
  • What are the differences in stylists/Why are their prices different?
    The differences in pricing comes from the level of experience the stylist has. Each stylist receives the same training through the Curl Immersion Internship and are equipped with the skills to handle any texture they encounter.
  • How should I wear my hair for my appointment?
    Please make sure to have your curls detangled (especially important for kids!), completely dry and worn down in their natural state when you come in for your appointment. Avoid pulling it back in a ponytail, twists, braids, buns, etc. to keep from distorting your natural curl pattern. This will allow your Curl Specialist to see exactly what your curls are doing naturally without manipulation. It’s okay to still style your curls with your normal products that day as long as it’s still curly and not pulled up!
  • Do you offer perms, relaxers, keratin treatments, blowouts, silk presses, straightening services, etc.?
    We do not. We are fully focused on embracing and celebrating your natural curl texture. Therefore we do not offer any services that will chemically alter your curl pattern or straighten your curls. Your curls will be styled in their natural state.
  • Is there a stylist you would recommend for a specific texture?
    Our philosophies are centered around a strong understanding of the foundations and are meant to be a toolbox of skills to be used in a variety of ways, depending on a client’s needs. Each stylist works with a wide variety of textures every day so they are used to switching it up and do not focus on one texture more than another. If you’re not sure who to pick, we often recommend checking out their bios and reviews to see if anyone sticks out to you!
  • Do you cut children's hair?
    Yes! Anyone of any age is welcome, as long as they have curls! If you think your child needs extra detangling, please let us know when booking so we can account for the extra time needed. We recognize that curly hair often requires a bit more detangling and some of that is included in the booking time. However, in cases where it takes longer than the allotted time, there will be an additional charge for that time.
  • I have no idea how to take care of my child's curls; can you help me?
    Yes we can! We understand the challenges that parents encounter when their children have a different hair texture. We are happy to explain product usage, walk you through our styling process, and provide tips for how to best care for their curls at home.
  • How is your children's haircut pricing determined?
    We don’t price by age or gender, but instead go by the amount of hair and time needed for the service. If there is excessive detangling needed, there may be an additional charge for the extra time. Please let us know when booking if you think extra detangling may be needed so we can allot proper time.
  • What kind of products do you use?
    We have several different product options due to the fact that we encounter so many textures each day. So we need to have a variety of choice to fit each need. All our lines are sulfate free, paraben free, silicone free, cruelty free, non-stripping and emollient based. To learn more about our specific lines, visit our Product page.
  • What kind of color do you use?
    We have carefully chosen Keune color because of its low annomina, long lasting shine and low odor. It’s also great for sensitive skin and does not affect your curl pattern!
  • Do you accept walk-ins?
    We would love to have you stop in at any time to check us out. If we have an appointment available, we would be happy to take care of you. However, due to being a busy salon, booking ahead is recommended to guarantee a time that works best for your schedule. You can see our current available appointment times on our online booking portal.
  • My usual stylist is not available. Is it okay to see someone else?
    Absolutely! We are here as your team of Curl Specialists. While everyone has the same background and follows the same philosophies, they each put their own spin on it and you may pick up different tips/tricks from each one. We promise we won’t be offended if you decide or need to switch it up for any reason!
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