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What are the 4 Pillars of ArchiTEXTURE?

You & your curls deserve to have a system that is designed just for you. These 4 Pillars are at the core of everything we do and why. This methodology allows us both the structure and flexibility to confidently work with any curl pattern. Every Ambushed Curl Specialist receives extensive training on the 4 Pillars during their internship period with owner and founder, Amy Bush. When you come in for a visit, this is the system we use to bring your curl dreams to life.





The 4 Pillars of ArchiTEXTURE:
A Customized Curl Experience


Pillar 1

Communication, Consultation
& Healthy Hair Analysis

The first pillar is all about creating connection and communication between you and your stylist. Our goal is to begin with understanding you as a whole, which starts with a conversation directed by intentional questioning. Once we are both on the same page, we will create a roadmap in order to achieve your desired look. Using the Ambushed methodology of following our Healthy Hair & Scalp Analysis, we will be able to create a step-by-step and customized plan designed just for you including an easy to follow home care program, so you can achieve the results on your own. 

Pillar 2

Curl Shaping

The second pillar is focused on creating a haircut shape that works with your specific and unique curls. This may include dry and/or wet cutting – sometimes a combination of both! Understanding how shape is created as well as knowing which cutting techniques are best for a certain type of curl, is very important to achieving pleasing results. In the end, the goal is to showcase your curl’s full potential while bringing your personality to life.

Image-53 WEBSIZE.jpg

Pillar 3


The third pillar is oftentimes the one thing that many curlies are most interested in! Having the right products and application can be the difference between loving your curls or being frustrated. You can have the perfect product and still not have the desired results. Just like you can have a fancy car but if you don’t know how to drive it, you will get nowhere. It’s the same with products! We will help match the correct product for your porosity, curl type, any specific scalp issues or even just getting the look you want while also taking into account the right home care routine for your lifestyle. All of our recommendations will be science based and not just myths or opinions tossed around on the internet. And in the end you can form your own opinion of what will work for you. There is never any pressure here, just information!

Pillar 4


The fourth pillar is where we will dive into styling techniques that will support your haircut, products and lifestyle. We will educate you on how to achieve success with your styling at home, including how to maintain your curls on a daily basis. This would include your day one and refresh days. Our goal is to find a routine that will fit your lifestyle, curl classification and bring your curl’s personality to life! Your style can be anything from a Wash-n-Wear or something glamorous for a special event.

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