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Amy Bush

Owner & Founder


Welcome! I am so excited the universe has brought us together! I am Amy Bush, Owner & Founder of Ambushed Salon. I love all curls and I want to provide you with the confidence to love yours as well!

As a woman who is continuously balancing the roles of running a salon business and my family, I understand how important it is for your hair to keep up with your life. It needs to give you the confidence to feel your best. I believe in finding your unique haircut followed by creating a styling routine that is simple with products that are healthy for you so you can start your day feeling beautiful! 

Your previous experiences with salons may have left you feeling as if you are responsible to have all the answers to getting the curls you want. I am here to tell you that is no longer the case! I will be your guide and partner. Together, we will find the right shape and style for your curls. My passion is to bring balance to your life by combining the beauty of your curls, teaching you how to embrace your natural self and providing support through our community of curl enthusiasts. Because, we all know that when our curls look and feel their best, all is right in the world! The path we will take to achieve your goals is by following my Curl Methodology: The 4 Pillars of ArchiTEXTURE.

When I am not embracing curls, you will find me on my homestead with my husband, son and our horses, chickens, sheep and maybe the occasional cow. And depending on the time of year, tending to the garden! My connection to nature is my mental and spiritual health. So when you come to visit, I would love to hear your stories of nature and what you do to take care of yourself.

Know that when you are in my salon, you are my inspiration! I look forward to having the honor of inspiring you to embrace your true self and provide support while you travel on your Curl Journey.



• Express Dry Cut – $95-110
• Curl Shaping Cut & Style – $115-185
• Makeover Curl Cut & Style– $165-205

• All Over/Root Color – $135+
• Partial Highlights – $145+
• Full Highlights – $180+

• Wash & Style – $115-165

*prices will increase July 19, 2024

“I had a curly hair makeover today and I’m so pleased with the results and the service. Amy was so kind and took the time to talk to me through everything, beginning to end. I can’t wait to go back! Hands down my favourite salon experience to date."

Mariam H.

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